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vinyl plank flooring is used my most people for their homes due to the good quality and trending designs that its able to Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys we have a history and good reputation of having the best vinyl plank flooring and also the best installers of plank flooring. We always ensure we have beautiful plank flooring for all the customers who come visit us.


Plank flooring durability

The vinyl plank flooring that you will get at Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys is well done to last and give your service for many years. It is made sing all the needed components and goes through all the required steps during manufacturing. These makes them withstand all the forces that can increase the rate of depreciation for the plank flooring.



The installation of plank flooring requires the services of a qualified expert who will ensure all the required steps are followed and all the needed accessories are availed during the installation process. Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys provides installation services to all its customers and those who call for the service at their respective locations.

Reach Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys on 888-241-0999 to get more information on the different types plank flooring, their features and their installation.

Some of the reasons that your should chose the vinyl plank flooring for your house include;

Water and moisture resistance, these vinyl plank floorings are strong and have a sealed surface which ensure no liquids go through the floor. With these sealed surface they are also easy to clean and maintain. The sealing and water resistance is very important in increasing the life of the of the plank flooring.

These vinyl plank floorings that Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys deals in are also very soft and comfortable. With these softness they become very even when one is walking on them. They can be used in retention of warmth and heat when the cold is too much.

The installation process of the vinyl plank floor is very simple., they flooring is very thin that it can even be put on top of another floor.the installation does not ned machines to do the installation, only a knife or any other sharp material that can cut to the plank if it doesnt fit in the required space.

vinyl plank flooring that Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys deals in are also very effective when used to decorate the Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys we have a team of experts and designers who are very effective in curving our beautiful patterns and designs on the plank flooring thus making your house very beautiful. With these plank floorings you are sure that your house is unique and does not have the same pattern as another house. There are some customers who will want their own design done on the plank flooring. That all we will do at some extra cost due to the time used in making the plank vinyl and also the amount of materials and accessories used.

All the vinyl plank floors that Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys brings to the market are of very high quality,we get the materials directly from the manufacturers and these helps us in choosing the best and thats the major reasons why our vinyl plank floorings are number one.

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