About Us

Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys is fully committed to the provision of the best products when it comes to plank floorings. We offer a wide variety which always ensures that the customers are able to choose from a wide variety. We also have very experienced and passionate installers who always ensure that the best work is done for the clients in all we at Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys we ensure that the customer is satisfied and that there needs are meet fully.

Licensing and registration

At Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys we are fully registered with all the local authorities for all the permits that are required to run a Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys.we also have licenses with the local environmental authorities where we always comply with all the guidelines for environmental conservation. We also have an insurance plan which covers for all our works and any accidents that might happens as we are doing our jobs.

Customer Expectation and customer service

At Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys the customer is given respect and courtesy whenever they visit us. We have a well-trained customer service desk tasked with solving complains in the best way, we always ensure that the plank flooring complains we get are solved at the right time and that the customer is happy with how they are handled.

When customers come to Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys or get in touch with us on phone, they expect to be served in the quickest way without wasting any time. We also believe that with no customers we would not make profits nor exist.clients are our employees and without them the business cannot go far nor achieve its goals. With our committed customer service we have been able to have the likeness and attraction of many customers and get referrals from them.

Customer service

Our customer service section is the best ever. We have an organized customer service who are always ready to serve our plank floorings customers and answer to all their queries. Our customer service attendants are always ready to answer all your questions that you need to know about Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys products and services. We also ensure that we are very honest with our customers in the installations and also sale of the products. We give the right dates and time when to do delivery of the plank flooring materials or even when to finish the installation of the materials.


Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys has over the years based our success on following and implementing the following values.

Honesty, in all we do we always ensure that that the right information is given. We ensure that delivery is done in the agreed time and also the right quantity and quality is maintained.

We really believe in teamwork. With team work well able to gather different abilities and skills to the growth of our company and also the plank flooring industry also.

Ethics and morality. All our workers have been trained on the importance of ethics and high standard of morals in the work place. We follow the right procedures and channels in procurement and supply of plank flooring.

Customers can reach us on 888-241-0999 to get more insight about us.

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