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Plank flooring

The plank flooring at Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys in Zwingle, KS is usually made from solid wood planks. They are mostly installed in peoples housed due to their durability and also the beauty that come with installation of a plank flooring. These plank floorings are installed by Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys contractors who always ensure that everything is done in the right way.


Modern installation of plank floorings

Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys in Zwingle, KS has the most modern installation machines and tools for the plank floorings. The plank floorings are laid directly on the supporting surfaces and then reinforcement is done using the bonding components.


Appearance of plank floorings

The plank floorings that you will mostly find in Zwingle, KS are wide, not very thick and wide to cover a wider area. These plank floorings are also made in such a way that they are able to withstand force of being steeped on all heavy materials passing over the flooring material.

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At Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys we have a department tasked with the function of advising the clients on how to ensure that the plank flooring fives service for a very long of the best to ensure that the plank floorings you have installed in your house in Zwingle, KS last for a long time is to ensure that the proper maintenance is done to the plank floorings. Some of the maintenance procedure will include having the scratches and dents removed on the floor surface to reduce having effects on the Vinyl Plank Flooring. When the right plank flooring maintenance procedures are followed you will always get the plank flooring staying for a very long time before they get spoilt.

Another way to ensure that these plank floorings last for long is to ensure that the before the Vinyl Plank Flooring or the vinyl wood plank flooring is applied on the surface the surface is in the best condition to host the plank flooring and enable it to remain stable even after people have already started using the floor. Make sure that if its a concrete it dries very well before the plank flooring is installed, these will help in reducing the destruction that usually result after the plank floors start to absorb moisture from the concrete surface.

When installing the plank floorings in Zwingle, KS it is important to ensure that you check the humidity levels of the floor or surface where the plank floorings will be installed. Each of the plank floorings materials has its own humidity level where they work effectively and efficiently without damaging the plank flooring. Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys is always available in Zwingle, KS to help the customers in choosing the plank flooring materials that which best fit ones home humidity.

Another thing that one has to put into consideration is how gutters and how other drainage pipes have been fixed. They should always be fixed in such a way that there is no water that leaks in to the plank flooring either from the top or from the bottom. When these is done the plank flooring will be stable for a long time.

Reach Vinyl Plank Flooring Guys in Zwingle, KS for more information on the different types of plank offerings.

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